5 ways to make Mondays better

Are you somebody who dreads Mondays as soon as the weekend starts? I get it. If you work Monday to Friday, it can be a little bit depressing when the weekend is over and you have to start getting ready for the week again. But what if Mondays didn’t have to be dreaded? There are a few things you can do to make your least favourite day a little more enjoyable.


If you take your own lunches to work, take some time during the weekend to prepare them. That way, you can enjoy the rest of your weekend knowing that you’re all set for the week ahead and don’t have to stress over finding something to eat on short notice. The same goes for breakfast. If you can prepare your breakfast for the week or at least the next morning (for example overnight oats), you can significantly decrease stress in the mornings and avoid starting your day on an empty stomach.

Set goals you’re excited about

Having something to work towards that you’re excited about will give you the energy to get through your Monday. The goal you set for the day can be work related or personal; it really doesn’t matter. Is there anything at your job that you’ve been wanting to start, achieve or finally finish? Have you always wanted to learn more about a specific topic? Do you want to start working out? Make it a goal for Monday, and make the next Monday different from the ones you kept dreading.

Avoid stress in the morning

Nothing kills a good mood better than having to run around trying not to be late; especially on a Monday morning. Think of a morning routine that allows you to get ready in peace, but on time. Wake up early enough to give yourself the time to have a cup of tea or coffee, have breakfast (much easier if you prepared it beforehand), maybe do a little yoga or stretching, even if just for five minutes, or come up with your own enjoyable morning routine. Having a morning routine you look forward to makes it much easier to get out of bed early; trust me!

Plan something you enjoy

If you know that you have a difficult day coming up at work, why not plan to do something you enjoy in your lunch break or after work? You could meet up with friends, try a new restaurant you’ve always wanted to try, go for a long walk, go to the cinema or just plan to watch a few episodes of your favourite show on Netflix. Just give yourself something to look forward to that will help you get through your day!

Think positive

I  know this one is hard to put into practice sometimes, but is does help to put things into perspective. However hard your day was, if you have a job that pays for your living, a roof over your head, your health and a few people you care about, you have more than many people would dare dream of. You can choose to look at your situation and complain about all the things you don’t have, or you can choose to appreciate the things that you do have and make the best of where you’re at.

What do you like to do that helps you get through your Mondays?

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