5 Most versatile tools for home workouts

Not everyone likes going to a gym, and that’s fine! A gym membership, while useful, is not a necessity for people looking to get fit. Working out at home can be a convenient and money saving option, and it can also give you the results you’re looking for if done right. When choosing workout equipment to purchase for home workouts, it is important to maximise efficiency: to get versatile workout equipment that you can use in many different ways.


Exercise mat:


This one is pretty self-explanatory. Exercise mats are great for all exercises that require lying or kneeling on the floor. They also make stretching and yoga more comfortable and protect the floor if you’re working with weights.




The most useful dumbbells for home workouts are the adjustable kind. They come with several different weight plates and allow you to progress in your workouts by increasing the weight over time. Dumbbells are extremely versatile, and there’s at least one exercise for every body part that you can do with them.


Resistance bands:


Resistance bands are as versatile as dumbbells, and with a combination of both of them, you have everything you need for an awesome workout. Some resistance bands come with an attachment that can be hooked to a door, and they are great for pulling exercises that are difficult to do with dumbbells (for example rowing with an upright torso).


Jump rope:


Rope jumping can be done as a short, effective warm-up, but a jump rope is also great for at home or outdoor cardio workouts. In addition to getting your heart rate up and burning a lot of calories, rope jumping requires good coordination, and there are endless possibilities of different moves and workout combinations to do with it.


Stability ball:


Stability balls are a good tool for ab and core exercises, and they can also be used as a progression for exercises like dumbbell chest flyes by destabilising the base. If you are sitting a lot and would like to improve your posture, you can also sit on a stability ball instead of a chair. Please make sure to get the correct size for your height when buying a stability ball!


I hope this helps you get the most out of your home workouts!

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