Delicious chocolate pudding (you won’t believe what it’s made of!

You will not believe- and even better, you won’t taste- what this chocolate pudding is made of!

Any guesses?

It’s tofu based! Specifically, it’s made with silken tofu, which gives it the creamy, smooth and pudding-like texture. Give it a try!


1 pack (400g) silken tofu

2 tablespoons cacao powder

1/4 teaspoon vanilla powder

8 medium-sized fresh dates



Drain the tofu and squeeze out the excess liquid. Then, put the tofu in a blender with all the other ingredients and blend until smooth (keep blending until no date pieces remain).

Store the pudding in the fridge, and serve with raspberries and coconut whipped cream.

tofu choc mousse_cover

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