6 ways to move more at your office job

Hello, and happy Wednesday! This post is for you if you feel like you go from sitting at breakfast to sitting in your car to sitting at your desk at work to sitting in your car to sitting on the sofa every day Monday to Friday.

If that sounds familiar, you need to find a way to MOVE a little more every day! The health benefits of being physically active are too important to ignore, and you can use the tips below to make sure you get at least a little movement in every single day.

  • Take a walk in your lunch break. You’ve been sitting at your desk all morning. Don’t have lunch there too! Even if you just use the first ten minutes of your lunch break to walk around the block, do it! All the little efforts you make add up, even if they seem insignificant at the time.
  • Walk or cycle to work if you can. Depending on how long your commute is, this might or might not be doable for you. If it is, DO IT! If you live too far away and take a bus or a train to work, maybe you could walk or cycle to the train station or walk to a bus stop that’s a little further away.
  • Park your car a little bit further away from the office and walk from there. If you drive to work, don’t use the parking space that’s as close to the entrance as possible! Leave your car a little bit further away and get a quick morning walk to the office that way! Apart from the physical activity you’ll get, the walk will also wake you up a little, so you’ll arrive at the office ready to take on the day!
  • Take the stairs. If you work in an office building that has a lift, don’t always use it! Take the stairs as often as you can and watch it get a little easier every time you do!
  • Don’t use the closest bathroom. This only applies if you work in a big office building with multiple bathrooms. If you have the choice, use a bathroom that’s a little further away from your desk to get those few extra steps in.
  • Get up every once in a while to get yourself a drink or just take a few steps around the office. Apart from you having to get up to get yourself a water, tea or coffee, drinking enough also makes you go to the bathroom more often which makes you get up again!

What strategies do you use to be a little more active during your office days? Let me know below!

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