Office chair workout

It’s Monday tomorrow and many of us will be back at the office for the week. If you’re dreading Mondays, maybe this office chair workout will cheer you up.

Do you ever feel like you cannot stand another minute of sitting in front of your computer screen at your office job? I know that feeling all too well. Sitting down all day can make us feel tired and sluggish, and there’s nothing better than a little bit of moving around to give us some fresh energy and help us focus once we get back to that screen. It works just as well as coffee!

If you have your own office or work from home, you are lucky enough to be able to move around without having to put up with funny stares and comments. If you share an office, you might prefer to wait for a quiet moment to get your movement in. If you do have a chance, give this short office workout a try and see how you feel afterwards! All you will need is your office chair and a little bit of space.


Split squats: 10-15 repetitions each side


Push-ups: 10-15 repetitions; can also be done on the floor on knees to make it easier


Crunches: 10-15 repetitions


Tricep dips: 10-15 repetitions


Mountain climbers + leg lifts: 10-15 repetitions each side


L-sit: hold for 30 seconds or as long as you can


Side twist stretch: hold for 10-30 seconds each side


Let me know if you try it, and of course always put safety first when attempting these moves!

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